Annual Day 2023-24

Annual Day Celebrations at Cambridge.

“Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success”.

#Cambridge celebrated its #Annual Function-“Dance Kaleidoscope” on Friday, 15th December 2023 amidst great splendor, zeal and resplendence.

The Chief Guest for the occasion Sardaar Lakhbir Singh Rai Ji, #MLA from #Fatehgarh Sahib constituency, accompanied by Respected #Chairman Sir – Mr. Sunny Sapra Ji on arrival were given a warm welcome by the School Directors and School Principal.

Welcoming the Chief Guest, Chairman Sir and other dignitaries, Dr. Rohit Pande, the School Principal, presented the School Annual Report, with able eloquence, detailing in depth about the outstanding accomplishments of School in #Academic, #Co-curricular domains, Sports and other disciplines.

The function commenced with #Shabad by the school choir group followed by the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest, Chairman Sir and the School Principal.

The event showcased mesmerizing and entertaining dance performances as the students of Cambridge put on their dancing shoes came to the fore, along with their acting skills by performing various programmes during the Cultural fiesta of the Annual day.

The Chief Guest praised the show and credited it to the relentless and dedicated efforts of management, principal and teachers of the school and congratulated the students for their outstanding performance and urged them to aspire for excellence in their future endeavors.

The vote of thanks was proposed by the Senior School Coordinator- Ms. Jyoti Payal and celebrations concluded with the #NationalAnthem.


Seed Mosaics Activity

A seed mosaic activity was conducted for #Kindergartenwing at #Cambridge on 29th November- 2023.This activity is a type of art in which seeds of various types are put together to make a whole picture.The students were provided with an outline of flowers, trees, birds, wherein they had to stick different types of seeds such as daal, raagi etc to create a wonderful pattern.
The activity stated by class educators helping the students to explore seeds as part of the theme.This was followed by creating seed mosaics which turned out beautiful!
Creating Seed Mosaics allowed the children to explore seeds and handle them to create a design of their own. This activity showcased child’s creativity and increased concentration level.

Gurpurab Special Assembly

Gurpurab Special Assembly
“Be the wisdom your support. Be the compassion your guide and listen to the Divine Music that beats in every heart.”
 – Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji
On the joyous festival of #GuruNanakJayanti, students at #Cambridge celebrated the birth of the first Guru of the Sikhs #SriGuruNanakDevji with warmth and joy.
The festive spirit filled the school premises with a positive ambience as the students conducted a #SpecialAssembly on 25th November- 2023 remembering the teachings of #SriGuruNanakDevji reminding us time and again that essence of all religion lies in oneness of God.
A serene and calm atmosphere was created by the soothing ‘Shabad’, sung by the budding singers. The students apprised the audience about the #Principles and #Teachings of Sri Guru Nanak Devji through speeches, quotes and a PowerPoint presentation.
This auspicious day students and Educators came together focussing on Sri Guru Granth Sahib teachings of equality, service to humanity and spiritual guidance giving a message of universal brotherhood with festive spirit and unbeatable excitement.

Diwali Celebrations

“Celebrating the festival in true sense is by spreading joy and happiness.”
Diwali known as the #festivaloflights and depicting the victory of light over darkness was celebrated with great enthusiasm at #Cambridge on 9th November-2023.The schools entrance was decorated with colorful lamps and lights.The day started with a #SpecialAssembly organised by students with a lot of enthusiasm and set the mood of festivity with joy and fervor.The program began with a meaningful prayer and was followed by insipirational quotes, speeches, a play and a mesmerizing dance performance.
The message urging students to celebrate a clean, green and safe Diwali was well conveyed through the play performed.
Thereafter the students of Middle and Senior Wing participated on wonderful #Rangolimaking activity showcasing their creative side.
Kindergarten Wing celebrated the day by making #Diwaliwallhangings, #Diyadecorations and #sacredfeetofgoddess #Laxmi.
Wishing all a very Happy and blessed Diwali!!

Children’s Day celebration

Cambridge celebrated Children’s day with great festive fervour, to commemorate the birth anniversary of
#PanditNehru.The programme began with a special assembly conducted by the teachers, followed by #informative and #inspirational speeches by the Principal and educators about #Nehruji as a great leader, thinker, visionary and a true statesman.

With Nehru ji being extremely fond of children the programme clearly depicted the spirit of the occasion with teachers holding the stage and putting up a mesmerising cultural show for the children. The cultural programme had a series of interesting and exciting events, all planned meticulously for complete entertainment. Teachers enthralled the audience with their #energetic and #graceful moves with their traditional dance. Songs were presented by a group of teachers in praise of students.The assembly concluded with #vote of thanks by Senior School Coordinator.

Students were elated to see their teachers performing and celebrating the day with zeal and enthusiasm.

The Kindergarten Wing celebrated the day with wonderful art and craft activity.


Best Out Of Waste Activity

Best Out Of Waste Activity
Cambridge Learners of Kindergarten and Grades I and II conducted Best out of waste activity on Monday – 30th October, 2023. Through this activity, they were made  aware of the uses of #WasteMaterials and were given a lesson on #Reducing Waste to save our future.
The prime objective of the activity was to understand the importance of #Preserving the environment and learn more about sustainability.The students were told that they should not throw away waste things but to put them to best use for different purposes.
Children prepared very creative and innovative models and art items from waste materials, using reusable and recyclable materials like newspaper, bangles, ice-cream sticks, old cloth, and pencil shaving, etc. It was a delight to see how the scrap could be transformed into such a useful and beautiful article.The students made newspaper bags, flower vases with cardboard boxes, water filter, piggy banks, pencil stand, stationery organiser,desk calendar,wall clock to mention a few. This fun-filled activity witnessed the enthusiastic participation of all the students.
Such activities help to enhance not only the #Creativity and presentation skills of the students but also help them to realize the importance of #Recycling and #Reusing waste material available to them.

Doodle Art Activity

Let Children Doodle – It makes them Healthier and Happier.
Science says a doodler’s brain is smarter, sharper & more creative. Curiosity got us to delve deeper into the thinking benefits of doodling–as claimed by #Harvard, and we found that it’s a #Crucial part of the #ChildDevelopmentProcess.
Starting from the moment we hold a pencil, we are instinctively drawn to drawing to explore the possibilities of the pencil or crayons as humans can’t help but #Express themselves through drawings appearing out of their subconscious mind – an art we label as doodling. Doodle art may or may not have any concrete representation and meaning, but it does have multiple benefits for children. Keeping such benefits in mind #Cambridge School students from Primary and Senior Wing  participated in Doodle activity, where they got an opportunity to draw on varied topics ranging from winter, festivities, nature, cars etc.
Some submissions were #Inspirational gave us an insight into our children’s #ThinkingProcess and their perception of the world.
This Doodle Art activity benefitted in Child Development by building concentration,  mindfulness, and creativity.

Excursion 2023

An annual excursion was organized for Cambridge Learners on Friday-27th October for the  academic session 2023.  The visits were  organised to #FatehBurjBabaBandaSinghBahadurWarMemorial-Chappar Chiri for our Kindergarten Wing and to #BirdPark-Chandigarh for Primary and Senior Wing.These visits to various places were planned to enrich the students and to take learning beyond the four walls of the classroom.
These trips were tailor-made to #facilitate the students to know and understand the real, #multiculturalworld and to broaden their #outlook.The school discreetly organized these trips to strategically important places and facilitates students to reach out for information #beyondthetextbooks.
Such trips also extend a much needed break from the hectic daily schedule and an opportunity for the facilitators and learners to #bond with each other.

Dussehra Celebrations

Dussehra Celebrations at Cambridge.
“Act as if what you do makes a difference.”
Dussehra celebration depicts the victory of good over evil, a big lesson to learn. This festival is a symbol that explains that good deeds will always prevail over evil deeds.
Celebrated with gaiety and in a grandeur manner, Dussehra celebration at #Cambridge was a sui generis celebritas on Saturday- 21st October- 2023.
The programme commenced with a soul stirring  prayer by the students of the choir group.This was followed by a speech highlighting the significance of Dussehra. A skit presented by students of grades 1 and 2 based on the magnum opus – “The Ramayana” was the highlight of the day symbolizing the triumph of goodness over evil and hopes of happier times.
All the students from Pre-School participated with immense fun and enthusiasm in numerous class activities.These activities included coloring pictures of Ravan, creating masks of Ram through art and craft, and engaging in storytelling sessions.


Special Assembly on UNITED NATIONS DAY.

“The United Nations system is still the best instrument for making the world less fragile.”
With the above quote in view, #CambridgeSeniorWing celebrated the #UnitedNationsDay with a special assembly to mark the unparalleled success of this splendiferous organization that is committed to the well-being of the #GlobalCommunity.

The special assembly dedicated to the formation of the United Nations began with the array of events.The assembly began with a melodious prayer song, followed an inspiring quotes, speech on history, about UN and its role in #WorldPeace.

This special assembly left a lasting impression and won the acclaim of one and all present.The solemn occasion hoisted the hope for us to live up to the #FoundingSpirit of #Peace and #Unity of the United Nations and the cause behind its formation.