Athletics Day

Celebrating Athletics Day – Vibrant moment of health and fitness at Cambridge.

Sports and athletics have always been a way to foster physical abilities, confidence, and skill among individuals.

The young learners of our Kindergarten Wing showcased unparalleled athleticism, teamwork, and zest as they participated in energetic thrilling activities, gripping every moment infused with #enthusiasm and #joy.

The vibrant atmosphere was filled with #excitement, painting a picture of sheer delight and determination.

Kindergarten educators along with Sports educator planned the events that included #relays, #obstacleraces, #hulahoop and other engaging sporting event.
The educators also captured every remarkable moment, adding to the #memories of this extraordinary day .

Cambridge salutes the #resilience, #sportsmanship, and #collaborativespirit of our tiny tots. Their talent and positive energy was an inspiration to all as they embark on a journey of greatness -both on and off the field!