Clay Modelling Activity

Cambridge Kindergarten  CLAY MODELLING ACTIVITY

Clay Modelling is an activity that helps in the #development of young learners in several ways. It #nurtures a child’s #creativity, #boostsimagination, and imbibes #selfconfidence.

By pressing,squeezing, poking, and reshaping the clay into different shapes, help improve child’s #motorskills.

Little learners of Cambridge participated in the Clay Modelling activity on 26th September- 2023 with great enthusiasm.Class Educators had planned a host of activities that challenged student’s #problemsolvingskills and #explored their creativity to shape the clay as it breaked and fall before finally turning out to be a #masterpiece! After the child is done with shaping the clay, he/she felt #accomplished.

Through this Clay Modelling,children bought #imagination to life.


CPD Cascading

CPD Cascading at Cambridge.
Teacher Training.

Teacher training programs equip teachers with techniques and #modernpedagogystrategies that help them to better connect, manage, and teach their students in a manner that ensures that all students are #learning and #benefitting.

The session for this week were conducted by #MsShelly, #MsGaganpreet, #MsNirmaljeet and #MsShivangi that covered varied subjects from literacy to dance and music.

Ms.Shelly discussed #Foundationalliteracy – the concept that broadly covered content on child’s ability to read basic text.The workshop presented engaging foundational language activities in classroom, and use of a range of interaction skills to develop active listeners and communicators in a clear and coherent manner. The basic skills of foundational literacy covered #phonological awareness, #letterrecognition, and #printawareness.

Topic on #Experientiallearning was taken by Ms. Gaganpreet that covered the concept , effectiveness and cycle of experiential learning. The workshop focussed on the activities to increase #observation, #thinkingskills and an emphasis on #outdoor activities.

Co-scholastic domains were focused on #musicanddance, session taken by Ms. Shivangi and Ms. Nirmaljeet.

Ms. Nirmaljeet focus areas were activities based on beats and notes, instrumental learning for beginners, rhythm based activity highlighting the benefits of music education that impacts a child’s #academicperformance, assists in developing #socialskills,and provides an outlet for #creativity that is crucial to a child’s development.

Ms.Shivangi presentation on #RELEVANCEOFMUSICINEDUCATION focused the relevance of music in education, and how its inclusion can make the process of learning fun and easy.


Animal Races and Games

Animal Races and Games
Keeping in view that kids love animals #Cambridge organized a fun activity for all its young learners.

Class Educators lined up children for a fun race and assigned each group an animal that is #distinctive in their movements to kids. The children ran, hopped, and crawled across the space and back and continued one after the other.

The activity was a #playful introduction to motion in the animal kingdom that invited the young enthusiasts to learn some of the unusual ways that animals get around.

These activities are great ways to get kids moving. Moving #forwards, #backwards, and #sidetoside just like real life animals do help in #grossmotorskills and is a great chance to work on areas of #development, #balance and #movement.


Cambridge Circle Time

Cambridge Circle Time

Every student in the classroom needs a platform his/her voice, thoughts and ideas about issues pertaining to the classroom, be it #socialinteractions or about #learning. #Circletime provides this platform, which help the students #bond with their teacher and with each other and also learn about their surroundings.

Cambridge Kindergarten took up relevant issues with #Nursery focus on #Etiquetteandgoodbehaviour,#KGI on #Forestsandthingswegetfromforests and #KGII taking up #Healthylifestyle for the week.

The Class Educators and students sat in a circle, following the rules of ‘Circle Time’ and participated in activities. The skills promoted were looking, speaking, listening, thinking and concentrating.

Students not only gained knowledge but also derived a feeling of #security,#satisfaction as they happily enjoyed the proceedings.


Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations

Students at Cambridge gathered to celebrate the joyous festival of Ganesh Chaturthi on Wednesday- 13th September- 2023 to honour Lord Ganesha – the remover of obstacles and the symbol of #goodfortune.

Grades VI and VII conducted a #SpecialAssembly, filled with devotion, music, dance, and vibrant decorations. The students wonderfully expressed their love and gratitude to Lord Ganesha, seeking his #blessings for a blissful life.

#KindergartenWing did a splendid job with #classdecorations and #craft work showcasing the #cultural and #traditional aspects of the festival.


CPD Cascading

Training teachers and teacher trainers is a pre-requisite to enhance teacher abilities and update on latest pedagogies.
In continuation with #CPDCASCADING, Cambridge educators conducted training workshops on topics that covered “Libraries and its services,” and on “Circletime”.
The Resource person #MsNavneetaBali highlighted the importance of the school library and its services for both students and the educational community as a whole. The PPT showcased the educational journey of students which is greatly enriched by the #invaluable resource that is the school library, making Libraries an integral part of any educational institution.
#MsRituSood– Resource person for second workshop took the
Topic – #CircleTime that focused on special time to share, play, for rhymes, songs, play rhythm instruments, to read a story, and participate in movement games and relaxation activities.The workshop emphasised that Circle Time provides a time for #listening, #developingattentionspan, #promoting oralcommunication, and learning #newconcepts and skills.

International Literacy Day

❝Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.❞ – Kofi Annan
Since 1967, #InternationalLiteracyDay celebrations have taken place annually on #8September around the world to remind the public at large of the importance of literacy as a matter of #dignity and #humanright. Cambridge observed this day on 8th September 2023 to raise awareness and concern for literacy related problems.
Keeping in mind the theme of the year, “Promoting literacy for a world in transition: Building the foundation for sustainable and peaceful societies”, various activities were taken up by the students of different classes as an opportunity to rethink the importance of literacy to build #resilience and ensure #quality education for all.
The School organised various activities to educate students about World Literacy Day and the importance of being literate. Wonderful efforts were showcased by Kindergarten CTs and students to raise awareness to be a literate.A #postermaking was organised where Grades IV & V students made posters on the #LiteracyMission.
Grades VI & VII students reflected the importance of literacy through magnificent poems and senior school students prepared slogans and PPT and had a session with #TransportStaff to educate them on #trafficrules.
The purpose of these activities was to help our children and concerned personnel to understand that navigating through the world without being able to read or write is challenging and is a blockade for experiencing so many things.The students were #sensitised about the necessity to literate and lettered. They understood that this leads to personal growth.

Krishna Janmashtami

#Janmashtami was celebrated by the staff and students of #CambridgeKindergarten on Wednesday, 6th September- 2023.
A #splendid and #colourful performances and activities by the Students of Kindergarten were undertaken with a message of victory of good over evil.
The students of KG II conducted a special assembly and communicated the message that “Every moment of life is worth a Celebration.”
Children came dressed in ethnic wear as #Radha and #Krishna. KG I presentations depicted the varied images of life of Krishna through #storyboards, Idol making of Krishna with clay, storytelling, swinging Krishna, use of props for #storytelling, participating in the Dahi Handi activity, and taking selfie with a photo frame with art and craft activities transported the audience to the world of splendour, colour, myth and legend.
Beautiful presentations with joyous melody and twirling dances concluded the ceremony.

Educational Trip


“Field Trips connect school world with the outside world making it tangible and memorable’.

#History is one of the most valuable areas of the #curriculum, in which students #explore the #past and #discover what has created the world we live in today.

An educational excursion was organized for the students of Middle and Senior School to THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA, ROPAR on 31/08/2023 to enrich them and take the learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. The students learned about the #archaeologicalremains of the excavated site near #Ropar, the first #Harappan site excavated in Independent India.

Students learnt about the antiquities of Harappan times, painted Grey Ware culture, #Saka, #Kushana, and #Gupta times such as Vina Vadini, steatite seal, copper and bronze implements, ring stone, gold coins of Chandragupta and also saw the ruins of the #IndusValleyCivilization.

This excursion was a novel learning experience for the students. The whole experience was like rewinding the time and going back to history.

Seeing sites and objects firsthand allowed students to truly think about the past and an understanding of the subject.


National Sports Day

#NationalSportsDay celebrated at #Cambridge
#29August is celebrated as National Sports Day every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of hockey legend #MajorDhyanChandSingh. The day also serves as a reminder for all of us to recall the contributions, determination and extraordinary achievements of the athletes and their influence in #shapingsocieties.
Keeping in view the  theme for this year’s National Sports Day celebration – “Sports are an enabler to an inclusive and fit society,” the #KindergartenWing  celebrated the day on 29th August with great enthusiasm and zeal.
The school organized several activities to inculcate the feeling of #truesportsmanship among the children and to enhance their physical and social skills.
The kindergarten kids did an excellent demonstration of  #physicalexercises ,  #yoga followed  by a #dance with rhythm and coordination that  #crowned their day.
The events were a reminder that Sports have the unique power to bring people together and to develop a robust sports culture among the #youngones.