Spring Carnival

Spring Carnival – #CambridgeKindergarten.

“Children are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow.”

With Spring season to set in, The #KindergartenWing #Welcomed the bright colors of a blooming flower garden, fresh green grass, glorious blue skies, and all the other joys that the season brings.

For Kindergarten spring learning is important, as it is the best time of year to re-engage those hibernating winter brains, review essential skills from previous months, and prepare our little learners to finish the school year strong!

Early Years celebrated the Festival with the usual #colourful gaiety. Students were engaged in carnival related activities in class and outdoors.

Respective Class Educators planned and conducted a number of activities to capture the enthusiasm with some well-crafted and engaging activities for young students. The learners just seem to get excited about walking outdoors and participating in outdoor and indoor activities while going through the steps of printing, cutting, gluing, reading and fun sports!


Republic Day Celebration

Cambridge International School- Gharuan,Mohali #celebrated the  #74th Republic Day with immense #patriotic fervour and zeal .

A plethora of activities were organised to infuse the #spirit of #unity and #patriotism among the students.

The students of the Kindergarten Wing did craft and colour activities and made #Indiantricolourflags and tricolour symbols celebrating the day. The students were also sensitised about the Republic Day through a PPT prepared by class educators.

The students of grade 1A and grades VIII and IX conducted a #specialassembly to celebrate the monumental day. Speeches, Quotes, patriotic and soulful songs, information reiterating the #importance, #history and #significance of the Day followed by a #motivationaltalk on duties & rights of citizens were highlights of the assembly.

The event concluded with the rendition of the #NationalAnthem.


Story Telling Activity

Cambridge – Kindergarten- STORY TELLING ACTIVITY.

“Great stories happen to them who can tell them”

Story telling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today. It expands the #imagination and #improves #listeningskills of the young students.

A story – telling activity was organised at Cambridge where the #creativity and #artistry among the tiny tots were nurtured through the extremely engaging session.

Children presented their stories with various props, finger puppets, charts, pictures, creative gestures and facial expressions. Some students used voice modulation and body language infused passion, with enhanced imagination to narrate their story .

It was a wonderful session where the young souls were encouraged for creative thinking , the task they did with enthusiasm.

#narration #ideas


Lohri Celebrations

Lohri celebrations.

India is known as a land of festivals and celebration and #Lohri is one of them which is unique in its #perception and #significance.

Lohri is a popular mid winter Punjabi folk festival and was celebrated on 13 January with a Special On Line Assembly conducted by Grade VIII that shared the #History, #Significance and #Celebrations through Speeches, quotes and Power Point presentations.

The young learners of Cambridge Kindergarten celebrated the festival with wonderful craft work and dressing up colorfully for the occasion.



Christmas Celebrations

Christmas at Cambridge!!

The festival of #Christmas conveys the message of #love, #tolerance and #brotherhood.

A special magic in the air was spread at Cambridge to commemorate the birth of #JesusChrist. With the perspective of inculcating the real meaning of Christmas in the lives of the students, a plethora of activities and assemblies were organised spreading joy and enlightenment for all.

‘Christmas special Assemblies” were conducted both by #Junior and #SeniorWing with #Celebrations conducted by the tiny tots of Preschool.

The Assembies emphasized on the joy of giving, presentation of carols, poetry recitation, speech and singing of Christmas hymns.

Highlighting the vibrant activities, the students of Kindergarten were dressed up as cute #Santas and celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm.

Merry Christmas !!


Free Hand Drawing-K.G-I & K.G-II

Free hand drawing – KG 1 and KG 2 .

Drawing at its best is not what your eyes see but what our mind understands.

— Millard Sheets

Free hand drawing is the basis for other creative activities like painting, craft making, sculpture, and more. It helps in the development of #handeyecoordination and fine #motorskills, which is crucial for the overall physical development of the child. In most cases, children take to drawing naturally and enjoy creating on their own. It helps to engage the child for a longer time which leads to increased concentration level.

Free hand drawing practice is also very important to improve #observationskills like perception of size, spacing and proportions.

To incorporate this practice in our kids of KG 1 and KG II, free hand drawing activity was held on 9th December- 2022 in the respective sessions. Children were asked to draw on given topics which they did with lot of #interest and #enthusiasm. The colours on their drawing sheet spread happiness on their faces and their eyes were glowing with confidence.


Nursery Colouring Activity

Cambridge- Nursery Colouring activity.

“Color is as strong as the impression it creates.”

The youngest learners of Nursery have always been fascinated by colours as they are the supreme source of delight and bliss. Cambridge firmly believes that every child is an artist. To explore the #creative potentials of our young students, colouring activity was organised on Tuesday – 6th December -22.

The little ones very #enthusiastically participated and exhibited their colouring skills by filling #vivid colours in the pictures given.

One could never imagine the worksheets to be so #lively and #vibrant as our budding artists built a fantasy world while colouring the images given. The choice of colours was remarkable. It was a delight to observe the #uniqueness and beauty of the pictures as they reflected the #imaginative minds of our young learners.

The activity helped in promoting #selfexpression, #colourrecognition, #motorskills, and #focus. It was a great learning experience for our little ones.


Seed Mosaic Activity

Seed Mosaic activity – Kindergarten.

A seed mosaic activity was conducted for Kindergarten students at Cambridge.

The students learnt about mosaic type of art in which seeds of various types are put together to make a whole picture.

All students were provided with an outline of objects wherein they had to stick different types of seeds which created a wonderful pattern.

This activity showcased child’s creativity and increased concentration level.



Children’s Day Celebration

Children’s Day Celebrations

Special Assembly – Celebrating Children.

“Children see magic because they look for it!”

Keeping this quote in mind, the teaching fraternity of #Cambridge decided to do just that – create MAGIC for our little ones.

A day marking #childhood, focussed on children and their enjoyment, was planned with great precision and enthusiasm by our teachers. A #SpecialAssembly conducted by teachers and a #FETE with elements of #fun, #energy and #laughter was organised; complete with dance, song, games and food stalls.

The students were enthralled by the #talent, #vivacity, and #passion with which each member of faculty performed in the special assembly that began with a special message by the Principal followed by songs, quotes and messages that resonated with love and affection for each child. The lyrics revealed how #special our children are and what they mean to us.

The students in a festive mood with a sense of jubilation and merriment, thereafter participated in the ANNUAL SCHOOL FETE.

#childrensday #14November
#Baldivas #chachanehru