Science Labs

Highly sophisticated and fully equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs provide an open environment for students to experiment and do research work.  The three divisions of the science department ensure that students do real experiments. Our science labs are not just a storehouse of costly equipments and the latest gadgets on display but also they are workshops of practical experiments going far beyond the limits of prescribed syllabus. The teachers at the physics, chemistry and biology labs challenge them with exciting projects, giving them a strenuous time clashing with known principles and existing data. Moreover, the safety of every child while handling the chemicals and instruments is duly taken care of. This is a place where the  curiosity of students is at work.


Math Labs

‘The only way to learn math is to do math’.
Proving true to this adage, our Maths lab provides an opportunity for the students to discover mathematics and understand concepts through doing. Many of the activities present a problem or a challenge, with the possibility of generating further challenges and problems. The activities help students to visualize, manipulate and reason. They provide opportunity to make conjectures and test them, and to generalize observed patterns.
Mathematics laboratory is a place to enjoy mathematics through informal exploration. It is a place where students generate problems and struggle to get an answer. It is a space to explore and design new mathematical activities. Our mathematics lab takes students knowledge beyond the curriculum.


Computer Labs

State- of- art ICT laboratories in Cambridge Schools help foster technological skills. These are fully networked and equipped with latest computers. Modern IT applications with interactive tools support the IBM curriculum being followed in the school.

The Information Technology curriculum has been planned in such a way that the students get exposure to various technologies and software. The Students get exposure to the latest Multimedia software like FLASH, Photoshop, Image-Ready etc. On the other hand to sharpen their logical and reasoning skills, they learn computer languages like Visual Basic, JAVA and C++.


Health Care Centre

With a qualified doctor and round the clock nurse station, we have a fully equipped infirmary to handle the health care of the school students, dispensing all kind of health and sanitation issues. There is also an annual medical checkup conducted for all children, preparation of BMI and growth chart to monitor their health.



The library card is a passport to wonders and miracles, glimpses into other lives, religions, experiences, the hopes and dreams and strivings of ALL human beings, and it is this passport that opens our eyes and hearts to the world beyond our front doors

Imbibing these words, Cambridge Library is a haven for students to engage and utilize information gained through reading in meaningful and purposeful ways.

The serene ambience of the library inspires a love for reading. Information at the click of a fingertip invites the young users to delve into the magical world of words and the wealth of research material available. We have developed strong library and information services which are essential to a learning program that values the cognitive, cultural, social, affective, technological & spiritual development of students. Our Library also has internet based facility for searching for information pertaining to books and authors.

Infrastructure Arts and Craft

Art and Craft

Art is an International language understood by all.

The endeavour at our School is to infuse a sense of aesthetic appreciation in each child, an ability to enjoy and appreciate beauty.  Our elaborate Art Studio has been created with the finest faculty to guide the children to achieve finesse through numerous techniques and History of Art.

We encourage dabbling with colours and paints of all types and experimenting with different materials and textures so as to explore different horizons and bring out a child’s genius to fruition.Children enjoy classes of soft toys and doll making, knitting, needle work, weaving, applique work, bead work, book binding, candle making, potter, sculpture with wood and clay, various kinds of painting, embroidery, fashion designing, theatre, recycling of paper, cooking, baking, etc.