Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations @ Cambridge.

Mahatma Gandhi – lovingly known as Bapu by all Indians is internationally acknowledged for his doctrine of non-violence that led to India to its glorious freedom. The story of his life has impacted humanity to its core.

To revere this day, Cambridge held a #SpecialAssembly to commemorate Mahatma’s life and teachings on 30th September- 2022. The Student led #choir sung Gandhi’s favourite bhajan ‘- De di human azaadi”  with full exuberance.

A speech with Gandhian quotes and messages, a special dance on the relevant theme , quotes and the young learners of Grade I with banners and Gandhi’s message brought the gathering to understand more about this iconic leader.

A skit on Gandhi ‘s
#threewisemonkeys was presented by students in the most eloquent manner.

All our Students were imbued with Gandhian values and thoughts and vowed to became better citizens of India and this World.

#peace #ahimsa


Tribute to Shaheed Bhagat Singh

Cambridge pays tributes to Shaheed Bhagat Singh on his Jayanti.

” Revolution is an inalienable right of mankind. Freedom is an imperishable birth right of all.”

Cambridge celebrated the birth anniversary of #ShaheedBhagatSingh with great zeal and fervour.

A special Assembly was organized by senior school where the school paid tributes to Bhagat Singh through his contributions in our freedom struggle. The speakers spoke about Bhagat Singh’ s life, his quotes, his thoughts and his prison days.

Students presented a group song, life sketch of Bhagat Singh through a PowerPoint presentation and a short video on his role in Indian Independence. The assembly concluded with the National Anthem.


Animal Races and Games

Animal Races and Games – Kindergarten Wing.

An excellent fun way to know about #AnimalKingdom after teaching #animalvocab and practicing moving like each animal, the students were lined up, ready for a race.

This fun animal-themed activity is perfect with young children and included some #sporty actions too! The activity was designed to help to build up #communication, #sportsmanship and #grossmotorskills. Such #Movement activities are crucial for #developingminds and #bodies. Animal movements, in particular, encourage children to think about their own body mechanics. In this movement game, children were asked to think about the ways animals moved , then with a get set, go! they completed their races having loads of fun with lots to learn.

#learn #play


Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas @ Cambridge.
भाषा बहता नीर मधुर, सुहासिनी पहचान,
आओ मिलकर इसका,सब बढ़ाएं सम्मान!
Language and culture of any country plays an important role in making people #connect with  other people and help in making a #strongnation.
Hindi is a language of #love, #togetherness and #brotherhood. The students at Cambridge celebrated #HINDIDIWAS   on 14 September with great #pride and #vigor.
Activities and events were held in classes where students talked  about the importance of Hindi language and   contributions by eminent Hindi authors and poets of Hindi literature.
Keeping the same thought in mind and to inculcate #love for Hindi language in our kids, the kids participated in #sloganwriting, #storytelling, #show&tell,  #quiz, #poemrecitation and through #PowerPoint presentation made sincere efforts to promote the #use and #respect for our  #Nationallanguage.

National Literacy Day

Cambridge celebrates ILD.

Let us remember :- ” One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world”. -Malala Yousafzai.

International Literacy Day (ILD) is 8th September. It’s a celebration of literacy as well as a reminder about how crucial literacy is for building #empowered people and #communities.

Keeping the theme for this year’s International Literacy Day, #TransformingLiteracyLearningSpaces gives us an opportunity to reevaluate the fundamental importance of #literatelearning environments and to promote resilience and ensure high-quality, equitable, and #inclusiveeducation for all.

Keeping the theme in mind the students from Cambridge took the initiative to raise awareness and concern for literacy problems that exist within our own local communities by organizing a special class – #Paridhi for support staff for literacy awareness. Senior students did a presentation for School bus drivers, helpers and nannys on bus safety protocols and took the initiative of #donatingbooks to the students in need at ” Snehalaya”

The other events for the day included – ” Read me a story, ” “sand tray writing”, “story telling ,” “making book marks” among others.

Cambridge planned the activities to celebrate literacy in order to #inspire and #assist others. #Mentoringkids, #donatingbooks , reading, story telling and other activities are all examples of how students can contribute in literacy mission.

#educate #empower


Summer Camp-Day-III

Summer Camp – Day Three.
A three day summer camp at #CambridgeInternationalSchool concluded today in which children not only had fun with activities but also #relaxed and learnt a few #new things.
The Camp events gave students
a #different playground as they explored their #interest areas in a completely different setup making #memories and #fine tuning their skills out of classroom environment in this Summer camp ☀️
On the third day , kids enjoyed pot lunch which inculcates #sharing habits, a session #PlaywithClay, Sumptuous and healthy snacks were prepared under smokless cooking , rock painting as the kids danced to end the three day event.

Summer Camp-Day-II

Summer Camp – Day 2.
On the #second day of the summer camp our learners enjoyed fun filled activities and most importantly, learnt things which are useful in everyday life.
The students actively participated in #Fun Games/ sports to keep them physically active , middle school students observed nature and painted beautiful #art structure with their #imagination.
The young chefs prepared
food without fire .They were guided by teachers to try some no-flame, lip-smacking recipes.

Summer Camp-Day-1

Summer Camp-Day-1
Cambridge believes that learning goes beyond chalk and talk and a fun, interactive and engaging learning experience can be through #Summer Camp where events planned help children to develop important #life skills for a #global world, helping them achieve their future goals.
Children tend to benefit by developing #creativity and life skills and building #confidence that promote #critical thinking, #communication, #knowledge and #real-world skills through a task-based learning in summer camp.🌞
Programs for the day were created by respective Educators which the kids absolutely loved with having a chance to dive into new fun activities on day one.
The students enjoyed a variety of new learning experiences as they got engaged in ” Munari” Art and craft work , tiny tots in rocking on the beats, enjoying origami and clay modelling .
Primary and Middle students enjoyed various sports activities and the potter’ s wheel.
The idea behind the activities is to increase the #learning level of the children and to develop #social skills in children.

World Telecommunication Day

Kindergarten Wing celebrates World Telecommunication Day.
Every year, the day is celebrated under a particular theme, and this year it is – #Digital Technologies For Older Persons and Healthy Ageing. This year’s theme emphasizes the use of information technologies and their importance to stay #healthy, #connected, and #independent on a #physical, #emotional, and #financial level.
The young learners took the challenge to raise #awareness on digital modes and to bridge digital divide and foster interconnectivity by celebrating The World Tele-communication and Information Day on 17th May.
The students participated in raising awareness about telecom technology through poster making , worksheets, and creating Art and craft work.

International Family Day

Celebrating International Family Day by Cambridge- Kindergarten.
The learners at Cambridge keeping in view the theme for the year “Families and Urbanization” celebrated the day to raise #awareness on the importance of #sustainable, #family-friendly urban policies.
Founded by the United Nations (UN) in 1994 the International Day of Families is #celebrated to #honor the importance of families as our most #formative years are spent with them . Our families are likely the most important people in our lives as they are the #first school and our #first teachers.
The little learners celebrated the day with the aim of #strengthening #family #bonds.
Our tiny tots at Cambridge handcrafted #wonderful cards, #collage, #family tree etc. to #revive and #rekindle the importance of love and affection among the members of family.