Talent Hunt


“Kids prosper best with a broad curriculum that celebrates their various talents, not just a small range of them”.

Cambridge on Monday – 24th April – 23 , provided a platform to students to showcase their talents by allowing to choose from a range of activities that the students were given, based on #theirinterest and #talents and progress in it to become #professionals.

The activities for #TALENTHUNT included- #Music – Vocal & Instrumental
#Dance, #Smokelesscooking, #Skating, sportsrelated, #creativetasks , #artandcraft to name.a few.

We strongly believe that no two persons are alike; hence it is natural that there will be different beliefs, languages, cultural, moral and social values. This #diversity of #beliefs, #talents and views is a natural attribute of humanity.

Special effort were made to #tap the talent of the students who have natural flair for music, dance, drama, art or craft so that the same could be strengthened.