Summer Camp-Day-1

Summer Camp-Day-1
Cambridge believes that learning goes beyond chalk and talk and a fun, interactive and engaging learning experience can be through #Summer Camp where events planned help children to develop important #life skills for a #global world, helping them achieve their future goals.
Children tend to benefit by developing #creativity and life skills and building #confidence that promote #critical thinking, #communication, #knowledge and #real-world skills through a task-based learning in summer camp.🌞
Programs for the day were created by respective Educators which the kids absolutely loved with having a chance to dive into new fun activities on day one.
The students enjoyed a variety of new learning experiences as they got engaged in ” Munari” Art and craft work , tiny tots in rocking on the beats, enjoying origami and clay modelling .
Primary and Middle students enjoyed various sports activities and the potter’ s wheel.
The idea behind the activities is to increase the #learning level of the children and to develop #social skills in children.