Show and Tell Activity

#SHOWANDTELLACTIVITY – Cambridge-Kindergarten.

“An activity for young children, in which each participant produces an object of interest and tells something about it.”

The little ones at Cambridge participated in ‘Show and Tell’ activity on 10th February- 23. They brought their favourite objects and excitedly shared them with the audience which enabled them to communicate their #thoughts, #feelings and #emotions.

This activity was conducted to foster public speaking competency of the young students and to make them feel #confident and #selfreliant. It was an interesting and thrilling experience for the children.

Presenting in front of an audience allows students to begin using their #facialexpressions, #handgestures, and overall body language to effectively communicate a message or explain a concept.

Such activities comes with tons of learning benefits. It boosts #self-esteem, helps develop #confidence, sharpens #speaking and other social skills. It even helps develop
#listeningskills for those in the audience.