Nursery Colouring Activity

Cambridge- Nursery Colouring activity.

“Color is as strong as the impression it creates.”

The youngest learners of Nursery have always been fascinated by colours as they are the supreme source of delight and bliss. Cambridge firmly believes that every child is an artist. To explore the #creative potentials of our young students, colouring activity was organised on Tuesday – 6th December -22.

The little ones very #enthusiastically participated and exhibited their colouring skills by filling #vivid colours in the pictures given.

One could never imagine the worksheets to be so #lively and #vibrant as our budding artists built a fantasy world while colouring the images given. The choice of colours was remarkable. It was a delight to observe the #uniqueness and beauty of the pictures as they reflected the #imaginative minds of our young learners.

The activity helped in promoting #selfexpression, #colourrecognition, #motorskills, and #focus. It was a great learning experience for our little ones.