National Literacy Day

Cambridge celebrates ILD.

Let us remember :- ” One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world”. -Malala Yousafzai.

International Literacy Day (ILD) is 8th September. It’s a celebration of literacy as well as a reminder about how crucial literacy is for building #empowered people and #communities.

Keeping the theme for this year’s International Literacy Day, #TransformingLiteracyLearningSpaces gives us an opportunity to reevaluate the fundamental importance of #literatelearning environments and to promote resilience and ensure high-quality, equitable, and #inclusiveeducation for all.

Keeping the theme in mind the students from Cambridge took the initiative to raise awareness and concern for literacy problems that exist within our own local communities by organizing a special class – #Paridhi for support staff for literacy awareness. Class-VII students did a presentation for School bus drivers, helpers and nannys on bus safety protocols and took the initiative of #donatingbooks to the students in need at ” Snehalaya”

The other events for the day included – ” Read me a story, ” “sand tray writing”, “story telling ,” “making book marks” among others.

Cambridge planned the activities to celebrate literacy in order to #inspire and #assist others. #Mentoringkids, #donatingbooks , reading, story telling and other activities are all examples of how students can contribute in literacy mission.

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