Labour Day

Labour Day @ Cambridge
“No human Masterpiece has been created without great #labour“.
#May 1st was chosen as the date for celebrating #International #Workers#Day to commemorate the contributions of labourers and the working class. It is also called #Antarrashtriya #Sharmik #Diwas or Kamgar Din in India. The date represents the voice of a great labour movement yearning to empower the working class.
At Cambridge , we value the contributions of our helping staff in making this school a great and safe learning space.
We planned a fun-filled day for our workers to celebrate this momentous occasion. This day we acknowledge not only their efforts but also instil in children virtues such as gratitude and empathy.
A number of fun games for employees that included tug-of-war and the lemon race.
As a sign of #respect, all workers were given gratitude cards, presents, and tokens of appreciation.
The workers were moved by the event and conveyed their gratitude to the school administration, teachers, and children for their regard and affection.