Krishna Janmashtami

#Janmashtami was celebrated by the staff and students of #CambridgeKindergarten on Wednesday, 6th September- 2023.
A #splendid and #colourful performances and activities by the Students of Kindergarten were undertaken with a message of victory of good over evil.
The students of KG II conducted a special assembly and communicated the message that “Every moment of life is worth a Celebration.”
Children came dressed in ethnic wear as #Radha and #Krishna. KG I presentations depicted the varied images of life of Krishna through #storyboards, Idol making of Krishna with clay, storytelling, swinging Krishna, use of props for #storytelling, participating in the Dahi Handi activity, and taking selfie with a photo frame with art and craft activities transported the audience to the world of splendour, colour, myth and legend.
Beautiful presentations with joyous melody and twirling dances concluded the ceremony.