International Literacy Day

❝Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.❞ – Kofi Annan
Since 1967, #InternationalLiteracyDay celebrations have taken place annually on #8September around the world to remind the public at large of the importance of literacy as a matter of #dignity and #humanright. Cambridge observed this day on 8th September 2023 to raise awareness and concern for literacy related problems.
Keeping in mind the theme of the year, “Promoting literacy for a world in transition: Building the foundation for sustainable and peaceful societies”, various activities were taken up by the students of different classes as an opportunity to rethink the importance of literacy to build #resilience and ensure #quality education for all.
The School organised various activities to educate students about World Literacy Day and the importance of being literate. Wonderful efforts were showcased by Kindergarten CTs and students to raise awareness to be a literate.A #postermaking was organised where Grades IV & V students made posters on the #LiteracyMission.
Grades VI  students reflected the importance of literacy through magnificent poems and middle school students prepared slogans and PPT and had a session with #TransportStaff to educate them on #trafficrules.
The purpose of these activities was to help our children and concerned personnel to understand that navigating through the world without being able to read or write is challenging and is a blockade for experiencing so many things.The students were #sensitised about the necessity to literate and lettered. They understood that this leads to personal growth.