Health Care Week

Cambridge Health Care Week- Long event on importance of health and hygiene.

With the aim to intensify #awareness on the importance of nutrition to boost the immune system of our learners, Cambridge conducted #HealthandHygieneWeek.

Numerous studies have shown that #HealthierStudents tend to perform better as they have higher attendance and are able to concentrate better.
With the objective to educate the students about #physical, #mental, #emotional and #social health, these activities were organised for all students in the third week of December- 2023.

During the events, students learned the importance of healthy habits, establishing and following routines, healthy eating and physical well-being.

Various activities – that included using a digital platform, lectures, slogans and physical activities were planned for each day. The topics focused on #HealthyEatinghabits, #PersonalHygiene, #LimitingScreentime and #mental health.

The events saw presentations by #MsSumantpreet with zealous participants of students.