Dussehra Celebration

Dussehra – Special Assembly @ Cambridge.

Cambridge held a special assembly on 4th October- 2022 to teach and learn the significance of Dussehra as an occasion to mark the #triumph of #good over #evil.

The assembly started with a narration stating the #significance and #importance of celebrating #Dussehra.

A skit depicting a scene from #Ramayana with students joyfully dressed as characters from the great epic was performed. The skit showed how Ravana’s single mistake overpowered his entire wisdom . The play was not only entertaining but also gave a powerful reminder to be truthful and also to fight for justice for the weak and destroy seeds of malice.

The students participated enthusiastically and also learnt about Indian mythology and importance of this festival.

Students from senior classes presented a power point and through visual aids, imbibed the enduring values that are associated with Dussehra.

Kindergarten educators did puppet show, mask making and art work with students on Dusshera theme.