Doodle Art Activity

Let Children Doodle – It makes them Healthier and Happier.
Science says a doodler’s brain is smarter, sharper & more creative. Curiosity got us to delve deeper into the thinking benefits of doodling–as claimed by #Harvard, and we found that it’s a #Crucial part of the #ChildDevelopmentProcess.
Starting from the moment we hold a pencil, we are instinctively drawn to drawing to explore the possibilities of the pencil or crayons as humans can’t help but #Express themselves through drawings appearing out of their subconscious mind – an art we label as doodling. Doodle art may or may not have any concrete representation and meaning, but it does have multiple benefits for children. Keeping such benefits in mind #Cambridge School students from Primary and Senior Wing  participated in Doodle activity, where they got an opportunity to draw on varied topics ranging from winter, festivities, nature, cars etc.
Some submissions were #Inspirational gave us an insight into our children’s #ThinkingProcess and their perception of the world.
This Doodle Art activity benefitted in Child Development by building concentration,  mindfulness, and creativity.