Dance Competition-Kindergarten Wing


A #DanceCompetition was organized for Nursery and KG 1 classes of Kindergarten Wing at #Cambridge on Thursday- 20th July – 2023. The students displayed their talent through their splendid performances.

The participants, full of enthusiasm and fervour , showcased their dancing skills through facial expressions and body movements .

The air became alive as the dancers, clad in vibrant and flashy accoutrement, #whirled and #twirled to the #rhythmic beats of melodious, peppy numbers. It was a challenge for the judges to pick out the winners.

Such dance competition in school is not just about the trophies – it is a highly rewarding and worthwhile activity for students of all ages. Irrespective of whether the student aims to be an artist in future or not – a mere dance competition can help to develop various fundamental skills in a child that will be useful in the long term. Such competitions are a great way to build an #emotionalresilience in a child. It increases #selfconfidence and #selfesteem in children.