In continuation with #Cascading , the workshops for the week were conducted by #MsNehaMahajan and #MsSwati.

The workshop by Ms. Neha focused on #integratedteaching – an approach in education where different subjects or disciplines are combined to create a more #comprehensive and #interconnectedlearning experience. The workshop aimed to enhance #understanding, #criticalthinking and #problemsolvingskills by demonstrating the connections between various areas of knowledge.

The session was #activitybased, which included various activities like storytelling, songs, the topic wheel, etc. to intrigue students towards learning and augmenting their skills.

Workshop by Ms.Swati focussed on types of intelligences that covered –
●Visual/spatial intelligence
●Verbal / linguistic intelligence
●Bodily kinesthetic intelligence
●Musical intelligence
●Logical/mathematical intelligence
●Naturalistic intelligence
● Interpersonal intelligence
●Intrapersonal intelligence.

The workshop focussed on using #multipleintelligence approach in classrooms provides opportunities for learning based on students’ needs, interests and talents.