CPD Cascading

CPD Cascading at Cambridge.
Teacher Training.

Teacher training programs equip teachers with techniques and #modernpedagogystrategies that help them to better connect, manage, and teach their students in a manner that ensures that all students are #learning and #benefitting.

The session for this week were conducted by #MsShelly, #MsGaganpreet, #MsNirmaljeet and #MsShivangi that covered varied subjects from literacy to dance and music.

Ms.Shelly discussed #Foundationalliteracy – the concept that broadly covered content on child’s ability to read basic text.The workshop presented engaging foundational language activities in classroom, and use of a range of interaction skills to develop active listeners and communicators in a clear and coherent manner. The basic skills of foundational literacy covered #phonological awareness, #letterrecognition, and #printawareness.

Topic on #Experientiallearning was taken by Ms. Gaganpreet that covered the concept , effectiveness and cycle of experiential learning. The workshop focussed on the activities to increase #observation, #thinkingskills and an emphasis on #outdoor activities.

Co-scholastic domains were focused on #musicanddance, session taken by Ms. Shivangi and Ms. Nirmaljeet.

Ms. Nirmaljeet focus areas were activities based on beats and notes, instrumental learning for beginners, rhythm based activity highlighting the benefits of music education that impacts a child’s #academicperformance, assists in developing #socialskills,and provides an outlet for #creativity that is crucial to a child’s development.

Ms.Shivangi presentation on #RELEVANCEOFMUSICINEDUCATION focused the relevance of music in education, and how its inclusion can make the process of learning fun and easy.