CPD Cascading

Training teachers and teacher trainers is a pre-requisite to enhance teacher abilities and update on latest pedagogies.
In continuation with #CPDCASCADING, Cambridge educators conducted training workshops on topics that covered “Libraries and its services,” and on “Circletime”.
The Resource person #MsNavneetaBali highlighted the importance of the school library and its services for both students and the educational community as a whole. The PPT showcased the educational journey of students which is greatly enriched by the #invaluable resource that is the school library, making Libraries an integral part of any educational institution.
#MsRituSood– Resource person for second workshop took the
Topic – #CircleTime that focused on special time to share, play, for rhymes, songs, play rhythm instruments, to read a story, and participate in movement games and relaxation activities.The workshop emphasised that Circle Time provides a time for #listening, #developingattentionspan, #promoting oralcommunication, and learning #newconcepts and skills.