Clay Modelling Activity

Cambridge Kindergarten  CLAY MODELLING ACTIVITY

Clay Modelling is an activity that helps in the #development of young learners in several ways. It #nurtures a child’s #creativity, #boostsimagination, and imbibes #selfconfidence.

By pressing,squeezing, poking, and reshaping the clay into different shapes, help improve child’s #motorskills.

Little learners of Cambridge participated in the Clay Modelling activity on 26th September- 2023 with great enthusiasm.Class Educators had planned a host of activities that challenged student’s #problemsolvingskills and #explored their creativity to shape the clay as it breaked and fall before finally turning out to be a #masterpiece! After the child is done with shaping the clay, he/she felt #accomplished.

Through this Clay Modelling,children bought #imagination to life.