Christmas Celebrations

“Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection.” ―Winston Churchill

Christmas commemorates the birth of Christ.Christmas was celebrated at Cambridge on Saturday, 23rd December- 2023 with enthusiasm and cheer.

Students of Middle School conducted a #SpecialAssembly that commenced with a welcome and a brief introduction to explain aspects of the festival and how it is celebrated across the world. The story of the birth of Lord Jesus was narrated. The children then sang carols followed by a dance and a short play that stated that the real joy of Christmas is in giving than receiving.

Some of the children dressed as #Santa that added to the celebrations!

The assembly had an enduring message of Christmas- sharing and caring was the takeaway.

Kindergarten students were engaged in various activities like finger painting, hand printing, decorations, and crafted reindeer, Santa, Stars, along with takeaways and fun activities.

Through celebrations the learners were reminded that this festival across people of different faiths is a great unifier.