Annual Sports Fest – 2024.

Cambridge have always empowered and encouraged its students to excel in the dynamic field of sports. To honour the same, the school organized the Annual Sports Fest on 15th February 2024 at their Campus that turned out to be a spectacular event where the students portrayed their proficient skills.

Showcasing speed, strength, coordination and endurance the kids participated in events that were designed and planned to equip kids with not only speed but challenge them on coordination, reaction, strength and teamwork.The enthusiastic students participated in sports like Simple Race, Relay Race, Standing Broad Jump, Sorting of colors, Pyramid race, Balloon Race, Hoop Race, Long Jump, Ball throw, Wheel Barrow Race, Tyre Pull Race, Balloon Race, Obstacle Race, Long Distance Race,Long Jump,
Shot Put and Tyre Flip.

The event was vibrant and engaging fostering a spirit of athleticism and camaraderie among the students. The involvement of both students and staff, as well as the recognition of extracurricular achievements, highlights the importance placed on holistic development within the school community. Students who won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for extracurricular activities were felicitated by the Principal and respective coordinators.

Such initiatives undoubtedly contribute to the growth and well-being of the students.