The school library is the first place where a child is formally introduced to the world of books and reading. Being a school librarian has been challenging yet a fruitful and enriching journey for me. To be a good school librarian demands a love for books and reading, dedication, hard work, patience, passion, continuous learning, effective management and technological training too!

Gone are the days when school libraries had an isolated identity and school librarians were just called storekeepers. Now, school librarians are active participants in the curriculum. Traditional school libraries were only concerned with the job of acquisition, cataloguing, classification and the circulation of books. But in today’s scenario, school librarians are engaging their students in reading projects, organizing book fairs, author visits, workshops and competitions to inculcate reading habits in them. In order to bring awareness and inform the students, staff and parents about their services and events, school librarians have even started promoting and advertising their resources and programmes.