Educational Trip


“Field Trips connect school world with the outside world making it tangible and memorable’.

#History is one of the most valuable areas of the #curriculum, in which students #explore the #past and #discover what has created the world we live in today.

An educational excursion was organized for the students of Middle and Senior School to THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA, ROPAR on 31/08/2023 to enrich them and take the learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. The students learned about the #archaeologicalremains of the excavated site near #Ropar, the first #Harappan site excavated in Independent India.

Students learnt about the antiquities of Harappan times, painted Grey Ware culture, #Saka, #Kushana, and #Gupta times such as Vina Vadini, steatite seal, copper and bronze implements, ring stone, gold coins of Chandragupta and also saw the ruins of the #IndusValleyCivilization.

This excursion was a novel learning experience for the students. The whole experience was like rewinding the time and going back to history.

Seeing sites and objects firsthand allowed students to truly think about the past and an understanding of the subject.