Debate Competition

Debating @ Cambridge.

#Debate in today’s education system is very essential for engaging students and bringing #life to any discussion.

Conducting debate competition can help students demonstrate #criticalthinking and develop #presentationskills. Among the skills,debate is a great way of improving abstract thinking, research, reasoning and even public speaking skills.

Cambridge believes Debating skill is a good indicator of #leadership. With this view, Cambridge conducted a debate competition on 29th August of Primary to Senior Wing to encourage students to become #effectivelearners.

Each class had two participants with the first speaker speaking for the motion and the second speaker speaking against the motion.

Some of the eminent topics covered in debate included – #socialmedia, #useofsmartphones, #schooldresscode , #homeworkassignments and #environmentalissues.

The students gave strong arguments in support and against the chosen topics which made the audience engaged and listen to some interesting facts and point of view.